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Patient Charts

Just like on paper, the chart is where all information about a patient is stored. View and manage demographics, tasks, visits, procedures, labs, medications, problems, allergies, and more in the chart. Get quick access to a chart by searching for the patient by name, DOB, or MRN.


Tasks allow you to keep track of what needs to get done, whether it's a patient phone call, an rx refill request, or getting a report reviewed by a provider.

Meds and Rxs

escribeHOST has a powerful medication management interface. Use it to view and edit a patient’s med history as well as write new prescriptions (electronic and paper), renew existing prescriptions, and respond to electronic refill requests.

Unsigned Reports

Unsigned Reports is a place for a provider to work through the list of reports that need his or her signature. If the report needs correction, it can be edited in place or the provider can make text changes and send them to a transcriptionist.

Document Indexing

Scan in paper documents (or upload PDFs) and index them as escribeHOST reports. Go paperless!

Research Studies

It is possible to manage patient enrollment in research studies within escribeHOST. If a patient is (or has been) enrolled in a study, his or her chart will indicate that.