Release Notes

A routinely-updated list of features, enhancements, and fixes we have made to escribeHOST.

Module Engine V5

Our team is always hard at work making escribeHOST better. We use this page to announce the release of these improvements to the public. We love feedback from our users — it helps us decide where to focus our efforts. If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact support.

escribeHOST 6.28

Released Thursday, April 5th, 2018


  • Keep task search-filters anchored above task list
  • Restrict sub-areas filter to selected area filter


  • Prevent user from saving two exception day templates with the same Provider/Room and same date
  • Fix duplicate-room error message
  • Improve performance of deleting provider/room day templates


  • Remove the 2nd CPT field from all order forms and orders
  • Reset all filters when user clicks reset-to-defaults (bug fix)

escribeHOST 6.27

Released Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
Task SubAreas
Multiple TaskUserGroups


  • Add admin-configurable task SubAreas, to group related task Types within an Area
  • Allow assigning multiple default TaskUserGroups to a single task Type


  • Improve and simplify search filters
  • Persist selected search filters for each login session, across browser tabs
  • Add search filters for every displayed column
  • Collapse search filters on search to display more orders on screen at once


  • Standardize display of locations
  • Add admin-configurable account-wide document header display


  • Simplify Exception Template dates- remove date rules, only use exact dates
  • Group consecutive dates in a date range
  • Show holiday dates as a single span from oldest to latest

escribeHOST 6.26

Released Sunday, February 11th, 2018


  • Prevent users from creating orders for inactive patients
  • Add CPT codes: 78492+78459 (Cardiac PET Perfusion+Viability)
  • BMI and Weight no longer required on orders
  • Change text 'Location' => 'Test Location'
  • Added an Edit button to the View Order popup
  • Changed description for many ultrasound-related CPT codes
  • Sort CPT codes in searchable dropdowns
  • Validate date values in Add/Edit Orders (note: '0018' is still a valid year)
  • Add 'In Progress' Order Status actions dropdown and Status filter
  • Improved the display of Comment text in the View Order popup.
  • Allow user to Edit a complete order, but only allow editing the comment field
  • Removed order medications fields, replace with hardcoded text
  • Add fields to the printed order: 'MRN', 'Scheduled Date/Time', 'Order Date'
  • Fixed signed orders dropdowns issue
  • Restored text 'min' to the values when selecting Duration


  • Vastly improve the performance of the Calendar Spreadsheet (total time to load)
  • Skip weekends in the date-picker arrows, unless there is a template for that weekend
  • Allow hiding Cancelled/Rescheduled/No-Show appts (default is to hide)
  • Allow user to edit Exception Type in the Edit Exception Day template popup
  • Default sort on the Exception Day Template landing page is now by date rule
  • Added Start Week to Rotation Templates to allow user to align templates
  • Do not automatically generate bumplists modifying Location/Assignment blocks in templates (on-demand only)
  • Generate bumplists automatically when deleting day templates and exception day templates
  • Notify user when generated bumplist is empty, instead of not doing anything
  • Present only today's and future appointments in bumplists
  • Do not include appointments with a status of Cancelled or Rescheduled in bumplists
  • Display Location-Assignment pairs in a consistent, predicatable order in templates and spreadsheets
  • Add View Grid to Daily Summary, to show appts on top of the template for a single day and single provider/room
  • Move appointment block UI display when changing start time with the dropdown
  • Persist Reason code when rescheduling an appointment
  • Add function to Copy Exception Day Template
  • Allow making appts for dates in future rotation templates
  • Do not display invalid reasons in appointment blocks


  • Audit editing Insurance in Demographics
  • Add Plan ID to Insurance.
  • Remove Insurance Policy Number from Demographics


  • New Task Type: Palliative Care
  • Subtle change to dropdowns/picklists display style
  • Only count entryform documents in Non-Invasive Procedure (ignore pdf documents)
  • Fix the ? in the Status column in the Schedule module (legacy schedule)

escribeHOST 6.25

Released Sunday, January 14th, 2018


  • Widen the room field on the Add Appointment popup
  • Copy day template to exception day template
  • Add a Booking Count column to Daily Schedule
  • Fix pre-filling provider in add-appointment popup
  • Remove appointment squircles for Cancelled/Rescheduled appointments in Add Appointment popup
  • Print list of filtered Exception Day Templates
  • Remove times that are outside rotation template start/end time in Add Appointment popup
  • Draw template grids and daily schedules with heavier lines
  • Add multiple-exact-date rule to Exception Day Templates (requires addtl click to add date)
  • Added new Exception Type: Holiday
  • Changed the order of the fields at the top of the Add Appointment popup
  • Prevent scheduling appointments if the slots in question have been changed since starting to add appt
  • Use patient primary examiner for default provider in Add Appointment popup (only allow "Scheduled Providers" to default)
  • Return user to the active Rotation Template when dismissing Add/Edit/Copy Rotation Template popups
  • Show up to two assignments in Add Appointment popup (more than 2 gets an ellipsis)
  • Update Exception Type for pre-existing exception templates, based on the description
  • Persist certain values from previous appointment when Rescheduling


  • Show Critical Orders count for non-provider users, in addition to providers
  • Fix order of AUCs in list box on Add/Edit Order
  • Fixed entry rules for BMI and Weight
  • Insert insurance information directly into the Add/Edit Order popup
  • Fix width/display on orders module landing page
  • Added Prior Auth Due Date filter


  • Add Policy Number to Insurance information


  • Do not allow users to send messages to inactive providers


  • Display underlying permission names on hover in Admin
  • Set no default selection in Admin when user is not an Administrator
  • Add canned release message pre-set to System Notifications, instead of copy/pasting it every release

escribeHOST 6.24

Released Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


  • Add 'All Day' shortcut when adding a Location or Assignment in templates
  • Add 'Clear All' shortcut to remove all Locations, Assignments, and AM/PM max patients in templates
  • Fix bug preventing Copy Rotation Template.
  • Modify buttons to clarify workflow when editing/saving templates
  • Cleanup how warnings for affected appointments are presented for exception templates
  • Add Exception Types (Vacation, Conference, Off, Other) to exception templates
  • Add a free-text comment field to rotation templates
  • Add a tooltip to the Show-in-Summary Column to clarify what it does
  • Apply the Show-in-Summary field to the Calendar Template Spreadsheet


  • Expand fields to completely fill the width of the Add/Edit Order popups
  • Fix ui quirk where the Actions popup menu appeared above the orders module
  • Change the Due Date label to Results Due Date
  • Abbreviate 'Status' column
  • Display only provider's last name in the Provider column
  • Display only the CPT Code in the Test column (display description on hover)
  • Removed the Time component of Scheduled Date & Time to show only Scheduled Date


  • Display patient preferred phone number directly in bottom the Task, and allow call-shortcuts if enabled in the browser


  • Display patient preferred phone number at the top of the patient chart in Mobile, and allow call-shortcuts if enabled in the browser

escribeHOST 6.23

Released Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


  • Remove height/weight/BMI as required fields to sign an order
  • Finalize features, fix bugs

escribeHOST 6.22

Released Thursday, November 30th, 2017


  • New Orders module (Features not available until your administrator provides permissions)


  • New fields for patient insurance: Primary Insurance, Subscriber ID, Group ID, Policy Number


  • For recent-only, always show the 10 most recent, in addition to all in the last 2 years
  • Persist unchecking 'Show recent only' until another patient chart is loaded


  • Fix downloading Last Visit (documents with DOS before date-created previously could not be downloaded)

Schedule Templates

  • Add warning with list of appointments affected by Exception Day Templates
  • Add alternate-row shading to printed Rotation Template Spreadsheet
  • Fix errors in Room Day Templates
  • Sort assignments in Add-Assignment-Block
  • Sort assignments in Admin case-insensitive

escribeHOST 6.21

Released Monday, October 16th, 2017
Recent Documents October 2017


  • Show only recent documents (last two years) by default in patient charts
  • Add 'x' button to clear selection in radio buttons in all entryforms


  • Add 'Created By' filter to task search


  • Add 'working' popup when loading the medication list for clarity
  • Prevent future date for medication concerns


  • Add account address and phone (for future functionality regarding printing orders)
  • Cleanup account settings presentation

Schedule Templates

  • Rotation Template Summary assignment/location pair fixes (remove unnecessary ?s)
  • Exception day templates AM/PM max override only when specified (instead of overriding with 0 if left empty)
  • Add checkbox to the Account Provider UI to distinguish Scheduled Providers from non-Scheduled Providers.
  • Omit inactive providers from the list of Porviders on the Add Provider Exception Day Template popup
  • Make Summary Day Template popup bigger to fit more on screen at once

Audit Log

  • Display schedule time using 24-hour clock

escribeHOST 6.20

Released Thursday, September 7th, 2017


  • Account settings now include a reply-to email address for outbound emails
  • Clarify and consolidate user permissions (no change to capabilities)


  • Fix error message when re-starting certain discontinued therapies instead of starting a new therapy


  • Clarify descriptions of some Task areas and types


  • Add [Batch Scan Jobs] tool to show statuses for all uploaded batch scans (similar to [Indexing Jobs] for indexed patient documents)


  • Temporarily remove Orders chart tool to accommodate new changes


  • Add [x] button to allow easy clearing of certain radio buttons

escribeHOST 6.19

Released Thursday, July 13th, 2017


  • New Report: User Performance Locations By Doctype By Location
  • Improve performance of Active User report


  • Improve audit log performance when searching for a single user


  • Improve performance for serverpush messages and user verification
  • Remove dates for patient status when un-setting that status

escribeHOST 6.18

Released Sunday, June 18th, 2017


  • New Report: Patient Charts with PHR User Count
  • Show better message when report results are empty


  • New Task Type: Prior Authorization - PET


  • Show inactive providers in the account and outside provider libraries
  • Increase granularity of administrative permissions


  • Store all timestamps in UTC (instead of storing in user's timezone)
  • Display all timestamps in the user's local timezone (instead of the timezone it was saved in)
  • Standardize popup sizes across the app

escribeHOST 6.17

Released Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
Reports Quick Reference April 2017


  • Added Reports admin module allowing on-demand reporting
  • New Report: Active Patients
  • New Report: Active Users
  • New Report: Documents In Progress
  • New Report: Indexing Jobs
  • New Report: Non-invasive Procedures
  • New Report: Outside Providers Without Fax
  • New Report: Patients Needing Office Visit
  • New Report: Tasks Created
  • New Report: Tasks Resolved
  • New Report: Transitional Care Management
  • New Report: User Performance

Indexing UI April 2017


  • Improve page navigation UI
  • Clarify navigation vs action controls in indexing
  • Add go-to-page navigation that allows typing a specific page
  • Clicking on a successful indexing job goes to the source of the first page


  • Add formatting to system notifications, to allow links in future messages
  • Prevent inactive admin users from receiving system-generated tasks

escribeHOST 6.16

Released Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Schedule Templates

  • Creating and managing Rotation Templates
  • Creating and managing Provider and Room Day Templates
  • Creating and managing Exception Day Templates
  • Creating and managing Assignments and Reasons


  • Additional location management functions for scheduling
  • Improved layout of admin navigation tools


  • Next appointment reflects the earliest time for patients with multiple appointments in one day
  • Primary examiner removed from the Fax list for fax-on-demand

escribeHOST 6.15

Released Saturday, March 4th, 2017
  • Allow downloading advanced chart search results as a CSV file
  • Fix bug relating to EPCS that made it seem as if prescriptions were taking longer to be sent
  • Remove 2nd and 3rd fax number options from providers, and remove fax-enabled checkboxes
  • Add new HL7 Athena external provider mappings

escribeHOST 6.14

Released Friday, February 10th, 2017
Indexing Jobs (Quick Update Guide) Feb 2017
Indexing Module (Full Documentation) Feb 2017


  • Add indexing jobs popup with pending/failure/success statuses for ALL jobs
  • Add status icons to indexing job pages
  • Allow (and require) manual toggling of completed/unindexed to move batch scans into and out of the unindexed queue


  • When editing users that are linked to providers, apply the edits also to the provider.
  • When editing providers that are linked to users, apply the edits also to the user.
  • Add 'date modified' to provider active/inactive toggle


  • Bugfix: allow user to print blank med list
  • Clarify the error when attempting to delete a patient with a PHR user
  • Align document types more accurately in escribe-scan-upload
  • New 'Prior Auth' task types: Exercise Stress Test, PVR, Carotid Ultrasound

escribeHOST 6.13

Released Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017
Edit Location Codes 2017
  • Change default Document Type mapping in scan-upload for CCA
  • Standardize middle name length to 35 characters (providers, users, patients)
  • Add Location Codes to Locations section of Admin (with temporary values, can be edited by Account Admin users)
  • Add Rx refills and quantity to the printed Meds List
  • Allow more top-level domains in email (particularly for certain public school districts)
  • Collapse Task Search filters if there is at least one task found

escribeHOST 6.12

Released Thursday, December 1st, 2016


  • Add location to PHR message task
  • Fix patient chart tasks link from PHR message task
  • Small PHR UI cleanup
  • If user has just edited patient demographics, use the latest name when creating a PHR user
  • Update the UI to better reflect admin privileges for Manage PHR User


  • Use the same validation for middle name in user library and provider libraries
  • Fix searching for and displaying providers with apostrophes in their name
  • When linking provider to a user, require that the names match exactly in both libraries


  • Update the calendar widget in the Change Password popup
  • Remove Send Corrections button from documents
  • Standardize UI for deleting things
  • Deliver Xarleto/Eliquis report to CCA
  • 340b CaptureRx prescription reporting for SVMC

escribeHOST 6.11

Released Monday, November 14th, 2016


  • Users now MUST change their password upon logging in with a temporary password (following a reset-password email).


  • Standardize display of inactive med concerns and problems
  • Remove a rare, annoying but harmless 'error' popup
  • Update formulary information
  • Fix rare bug concerning publishing med concerns in office note that would prevent publishing



Users can no longer delay entering the email for the patient (or representative) when sending a document to the PHR.
A PHR user (the patient or representative) must exist at the time the document is sent.
This is because we are now notifying by email when a document is sent to the PHR Portal.
As before, the user will be prompted to enter the patient's email to allow the patient to access the PHR;
HOWEVER, unlike before, this cannot be delayed.

ALSO, the user sending the document must have both PHR permissions:
  "Access PHR Chart Section" and
"Manage PHR Users"
Please take this change into consideration when assigning these two new permissions to your employees.

Patients with passphrases for the old PHR have been given usernames, and temporary passwords mailed.
Documents in the old PHR will be migrated to the new PHR, as soon as possible

PHR Login

  • Replace existing patient portal with new, more secure, PHR with more features
  • Replace 'passphrase' authentication with the same username/password security EHR users have
  • Allow multiple login accounts for a single patient (patient + patient representatives)
  • In addition to needing to set a new password upon login, PHR users must also enter the DOB of the patient

PHR Documents

  • Store PHR documents in secure Amazon S3 Cloud Storage, instead of locally on our servers
  • Add optional document result-status when sending documents to PHR, and display them to the patient in the PHR document list

PHR Admin

  • Add preview of PHR for users with 'Access PHR Chart Section' permission (user sees what the patient/patient-rep will see)
  • Add PHR Admin section to view all PHR users, and to reset the password of EVERY PHR USER AT ONCE
  • Allow users with 'Manage PHR Users' to add/edit/enable/disable PHR users, and reset their passwords via email
  • Pre-fill fields for PHR user creation using the patient's information
  • Automatically start the process of adding a user when attempting to send a document or message to the PHR

PHR Messages

  • Allow normal EHR users to send messages to patients, which appear in the PHR message inbox
  • Allow patient PHR users to send messages to their provider, which appear in the Task Inbox for that provider

escribeHOST 6.10

Released Thursday, October 13th, 2016


  • Implement Patient File and Prescriber File for CaptureRx 340b

User Administration

  • Replace lock icon with "Reset password" button with icon on the User Permissions page
  • Added user's email address below the user's name on the User Permissions page


  • Standardized display of all names in the app (e.g.: never have comma before provider credentials. previously, sometimes there was, sometimes there wasnt)

escribeHOST 6.9.1

Released Monday, September 26th, 2016
  • BUGFIX: Allow patient access to PHR (broken in 6.9)

escribeHOST 6.9

Released Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

User Administration

  • Allow admins to edit details of a user
  • When resetting passwords, automatically email random passwords to the user, instead of creating new passwords manually
User MUST have an email address saved to have their password reset. Please see the attached training materials for instructions on all the changes for Add User, Edit User, and Reset Password with this release.
Add User September 2016
Edit User / Reset Password September 2016


  • PCP field in Demographics is now sorting correctly.
  • Fixed display of the Change provider name popup on the Unsigned Reports queue.

Error Handling

  • Server-side error message have an English prefix now identifying the error.

escribeHOST 6.8

Released Thursday, September 1st, 2016


  • Mobile display of published notes improved (fonts adjusted for easier viewing, etc)
  • Improve scrollbars display for Mac OSX in Chrome and Safari (no change in Firefox)


  • Add new task types: appointment clarification, pharmacist consult

Patient Charts

  • Add short names for chart sections (e.g.: "Medication Concerns" => "Allergies")
  • Improve vitals chart section (sort order, bmi display, comments display, error on saving)
  • Sign-and-notify message improvement
  • Fix hiding of certain fields in patient demographics while editing other fields
  • Sort provider names in orders section

Error Handling

  • Handle invalid URLs, connectivity errors, and server errors more gracefully
  • Show a warning on really long task comments instead of throwing an ugly error
  • Remove warning message when resizing the screen under certain circumstances
  • Handle duplicate MRN warning more gracefully
  • Clarify permission errors for research studies, labs, and emergency access

Advanced Chart Search

  • Rename Advanced Chart Search problems search to 'Problems (Office Note)'
  • Add Advanced Chart Search field 'Problems (Chart Section)' to search the not-yet-released problems module

Unsigned Reports

  • Clear provider when 'done signing' in unsigned reports
  • Implemented a progress message that displays while the user waits for the Unsigned Documents list to display.


  • Fix saving provider 'country' in provider admin
  • System Notifications admin ui improvements

escribeHOST 6.7.1

Released Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
  • fix bug where non-admin users could not create providers
  • improve user permissions for admin module

escribeHOST 6.7

Released Thursday, August 11th, 2016

System Notifications

  • Allow administrators to send real-time notification alerts to logged-in users
  • Allow escribeHOST to alert logged-in users of impending maintenance and releases


  • Improve PDF conversion performance

escribeHOST 6.6

Released Thursday, July 21st, 2016
  • Allow clearing selection dropdowns with an [X] button
  • Detect auto-logout in a more robust fashion, to prevent unnecessary forced logoffs
  • Standardize the display of provider name across the application (LastName, FirstName Credentials)

Problems ICD-10 to SNOMED-CT Mapping

Quick Reference Problem Mapping July 2016
  • Required for Meaningful Use! Users are encouraged to begin mapping
  • Allow admins to map ICD-10 codes to comparable SNOMED-CT codes


  • Display tenths of an inch and tenths of a pound for height/weight/waist fields
  • Allow deleting vitals
  • Clarify BMI and BMI percentile fields as read-only, calculated values

escribeHOST 6.5

Released Wednesday, June 29th, 2016


  • Allow user to toggle between mobile ESH and desktop ESH on the login screen
  • Full-screen display of documents (top-right corner now has [X] button to close document)
  • Optimize document display for both "portrait" and "landscape" orientations
  • Optimize header spacing to fit more on screen
  • Optimize Med List for mobile


Quick Reference Vitals June 2016
  • Add preview of new Vitals chart section


  • Allow administrators to remove provider-user linkings (in case of error)
  • Improve warnings on provider-user linking

escribeHOST 6.4.2

Released Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
  • Prevent inactive users from logging in

escribeHOST 6.4.1

Released Thursday, June 16th, 2016
  • Fix a bug where even briefly losing internet connection would result in user logout.

escribeHOST 6.4

Released Thursday, June 9th, 2016
Quick Reference Add User June 2016
Quick Reference Link Provider to User June 2016
Quick Reference Orders June 2016

Admin Add User

  • Allow account administrators to create new users in the Users Admin UI
  • Allow linking a user to an account provider


  • Improve display of document name in the document list
  • Improve resolution in "New" PDF document viewer
  • Persist user choice of "Old" or "New" PDF document viewer using cookies

Demographics and Chart Header

  • Group the list of Preferred Languages
  • Display date deceased and date transferred in chart header


  • Allow users to type immediately in the Add Note popup
  • Update Order status in the list immediately upon save

Reports generated

  • Nuclear Stress/BMI Report for CCA
  • CT Summary Report for CCA
  • Active Patients on Digoxin / Lanoxin for CCA.
  • Medication Concerns Report for Coumadin/warfarin/Eliquis/etc. for CCA
  • Unresolved Tasks Count by Recipient for AVG

Admin Locations

  • Added a column for Orders to the Locations Settings section of Admin (same initial settings as documents)


  • Update left-side chart section selector when canceling demographics edit
  • Clear chart proactively when navigating away from the patient
  • Do not display default values in test field in Add Order popup
  • Add framework for ESH mobile platform

escribeHOST 6.3

Released Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


  • ICD-10 and all other searchable fields in notes display up to 30 matches (increased from 10)
  • Add Transferred Date to the Status box in Demographics.
  • Add recipients to 'Weekly MU Note Report' and 'Daily Documents In-Progress Report'
  • Increase width of patient chart sections to fill the screen and not cut off the right side on certain monitors
  • Show a dash temporarily for patient name when loading a different patient, instead of question marks

New features

  • Allow deleting lab/radiology orders
  • Display office location in lab/radiology orders
  • Add keyboard up/down navigation to lab/radiology orders
  • Organize preferred language choices into 4 sections:
    (1)'English' and 'Spanish', (2)'Declined' and 'Other', (3)common languages, (4)everything else
  • Prompt user when closing browser tab while entering data in popup
  • Prompt user when navigating away using browser back button while entering data

Bug fixes, misc

  • Display provider name in a consistent format (Last, First Credentials)
  • Update patient chart header info when saving changes to demographics, and persist those changes when navigating within the chart
  • Clarify error message on the Account Provider popup if the Zip Code is invalid
  • Temporarily remove Meaningful Use Report tool from Admin UI
  • Initial preparation for faster export chart and batch indexing

escribeHOST 6.2.2

Released Tuesday, May 10th, 2016
  • Fix severe patient chart header mismatch error
  • Fix freezing in patient charts (non-responsive ui due to glasspanel)

escribeHOST 6.2.1

Released Thursday, May 5th, 2016
  • Fix sending incorrect customer-support error email when patient simply has no scheduled visit
  • Fix bug where logging out would continue to attempt to unlock open office visits repeatedly

escribeHOST 6.2

Released Thursday, April 28th, 2016
  • Added Laboratory and Radiology/Imaging Orders chart section
  • Include all charts accessed in recent charts tool
  • Improve browser navigation prompts to prevent lost work
  • Patient chart navigation and browser history/url improvements
  • Updated choices for patient's preferred language

escribeHOST 6.1.1

Released Thursday, April 21st, 2016
  • Enhance diagnostic logging of EPCS controlled substance prescribing
  • Enhance diagnostic logging of document indexing
  • Expanded and fixed bugs in language list

escribeHOST 6.1

Released Thursday, April 7th, 2016
  • Increase the usable height of patient charts, particularly documents
  • Increase the width of fields in some popups (e.g.: Import Document popup)
  • Fix document tab display in Internet Explorer
  • Clarify messages on automatic logout
  • Fix display of really long addresses in Medical Provider Admin views
  • Improve layout of search fields in Audit Log
  • Update Date of Service in document tab when changing DOS in existing documents
  • Include all providers, instead of account-only, in PCP when creating a new chart
  • Include all providers, instead of account-only, in the Import Document popup.
  • Fix bug where more than one pharmacy can appear to be selected
  • Include regular provider for patient in New Task popup
  • Clarify message for unsupported browsers
  • Update display of patient tasks when editing date of birth
  • Add age in months for patients under 1 year of age
  • Do not add empty entry in the Audit Log for race when race has not changed
  • Fix MRN display issue
  • Fix migration issue involving typo in race for 'Black or African American'

escribeHOST 6.0.1

Released Friday, April 1st, 2016
  • Fix patient chart export

escribeHOST 6.0

Released Friday, March 25th, 2016
v6.0 overview video
How to activate a provider in EPCS
How to send controlled substance rx


  • New Login page with new color scheme and a cleaner look
  • Logout page replaced by a fresh Login page to eliminate a click
  • New "Activity Timeout" page

Landing Page

  • Esthetic and element placement changes on the Landing Page (all functions preserved)
  • New color on Banner Bar: Patient Lookup moved left, username moved right, new logout tool
  • New color on Module Bar: All tools display but disabled if user does not have permission

Patient Charts

  • Renamed "Patient Charts" module button to "Charts"
  • Disable "Charts" module tool if no chart is open yet
  • Patient search displays more matches (24 instead of previous 10)
  • New color on Patient Chart Header Bar
  • Patient name changed to "First Middle Last" on Patient Chart Header Bar
  • Patient Chart Header Bar element placement changes (all functions preserved)
  • Patient Chart vertical tool bar is icon-only, with description on mouse-over
  • Problems and Growth Charts sections removed from patient charts


  • Middle Initial changed to Middle Name
  • Patient race is multi-select instead of allowing only one choice per patient
  • Added "U" for patient sex unknown
  • New fields in Demographics: Mother's Maiden Name, Mother's First Name, Payer
  • New Patient Chart popup reflects changes in Demographics (Sex, Race)


  • Tab links to open documents moved to top of open chart

Medications and Med Concerns

  • Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) implemented
  • Meds: "Mark No Changes" button is now "Mark Reconciled" button
  • Med Concerns: Added a "Last Modified" date field to the landing page
  • Med Concerns: Changed the "Mark No Changes" button to "Mark Reconciled"
  • New look for the Contraindications Alerts page (same functionality)


  • Provider admin split into "Account Provider Library" and "Outside Provider Library"
  • Account Provider Library allows management of EPCS permissions for Prescribers
  • Audit Log allows user to filter by Login and Logout actions

Browser Navigation

  • Implemented use of Back/Forward buttons in the browser to move between pages
  • Implemented use of bookmark-able URLs for many pages within escribeHOST

escribeHOST 5.29

Released Monday, February 15th, 2016
  • Drug Library Update
  • New task types under "Reading Worklist" area
  • Fix duplicate encounter PHR storage issue
  • Enhance logging of nightly publishing
  • Fix display issue in advanced search