Product Features

Our system provides a wide range of features that benefit medical practices and hospitals.


Major EHR functionality

  • Interfaces to various billing, laboratory, hospital and diagnostic systems
  • Clinical data capture engine supports a wide range of encounter types
  • Robust medication management: med allergies, intolerance, ineligibility, interactions, reconciliation, formulary compliance, and eprescribing
  • Record and chart vital signs
  • Submit data to immunization registries
  • Display tailored patient education resources
  • Track patients enrolled in clinical trials

Auto-fax feature saves time and money

  • Finalized reports automatically faxed to consulting physicians
  • Eliminates the cost involved in printing, addressing, and handling outgoing reports
  • Eliminates all associated postage costs
  • Automated distribution to medical records departments

24/7 access from virtually anywhere

  • Accessible from Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations
  • Built on Google technology
  • Users can have 24/7 access from any computer with an Internet connection
  • You control user access
  • Even accessible via hand-held devices such as the Apple iPhone!

Easily customizable

  • Customize the layout of final reports
  • Customize data elements captured
  • Customize data elements to be included in reports, stored for data analysis or for use for certification compliance
  • Display your logo/identifier

Outstanding service and support

  • On-site training included
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • On-site support packages available
  • Free system upgrades (for web-based customers)
  • Custom training programs available